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"I hope that in some way my music and relationship with Travis Records can help others overcome situational adversity. My hope is that in some way my story can help others make better decisions and avoid painful experiences. To lift others is to rejoice.", Paleface Picasso

My Story: I was a shy introverted kid who was afraid of the dark, imaginative, and unfortunately bullied for those same reasons. As I grew into my shoes, I began to fight back against those bullies.  Unfortunately, "fighting back" turned into looking for fights to over compensate and try to overcome my fears. I began developing the reputation of a "tough guy". In someway I felt empowered i suppose. I now regret to say that I embraced it. I had no idea

how this choice would affect the direction of my life.

The Hip Hop culture began to consume me in my teens. Growing up in an era when there were only a handful of white cats on the block, my life came under close scrutiny and I was tested often. I was the minority in the Hip Hop community and I ultimately began looking for altercations and the opportunity to "prove" myself especially under the influence of alcohol. Ugg, I hope all the "tough" kids reading this pay close attention to how much I regret some of these choices and can learn something from my story.

Eventually, my ego and chip on my shoulder caught up with me. I was kicked out college for fighting and drinking. Ultimately, I squandered a possible opportunity to play professional baseball and I had made my decision to lead a life on the streets. The perceived respect and accolades I received on the streets became more important than athletics and academics. My fear of failure and that false sense of pride had me turning to alcohol to handle my demons more so than ever.

It wasn't long before the realities of that type of

life caught up with me. I was sent to prison at 19 for armed robbery. Upon release, I had intentions of changing. My eldest son was born, and a year later my second. The pressures of providing for my children legally, and the pain of my past, led me to begin indulging in alcohol even more heavily. Obviously, my alcohol use only added to the problems and I was once again neck deep in criminal activity.

On Oct.13 2004, I was shot 5 times. This stemmed from another fight of course. Although I was the victim of cowards who were trying to save face, I still accepted it as just another angle of the game and consequences that surrounded the choices we make in that type of lifestyle. No arrests were made due to my honoring the code of ethics that I followed. I was shot from behind unknowingly.

While experiencing the worst physical pain imaginable I began praying. Begging for another opportunity to get my life right. I continued asking for forgiveness and begging for another chance....I woke up in ICU a few days later fighting for my life.

Many would think that this would be the catalyst in completing my transformation,but I was convinced I had done too much wrong to get my life back right. I had lost most of my friends, my family, and all my dreams. I began drinking even more heavily and returned to prison on a weapons charge in 2007. This is when the final transformation begun. I needed time to sit down with a sober and clear mind, evaluate my life and make sense of the wreck it had become. I began digging deep into the Bible and even deeper within myself.

I've learned that we all must be willing to embrace our struggles and handle them righteously by not letting our struggles or circumstances dictate our character. Our failures in life can teach us to succeed if we look in the mirror after they happen. When we persevere through pain, great strength is given on the other side of those trials. It also means living the type of life you would be proud of your children to live. We have responsibilities not only to our children, but to our fellow man, to set a positive example and help them through times of trouble. Especially those we can personally relate to. My music is nothing more than a transition of my life, which I hope allows me a greater platform for my story to be heard. My hopes is that in someway my story can help others avoid some of the mistakes that I've made in my own life.

In 2010 I started working with Travis Records and well here we are! It has been amazing to share my story with so many people and in the process watch the label grow! I have been so fortunate to work with such an amazing label and to have this opportunity!

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