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A True Wordsmith!!!! Truly a lyrically gifted individual, Paleface delivers a raspy but relatable album that will demand that you listen to its tracks over and over again. Whether driving in your car or working out at the gym, "The Truth" has powerful, engaging songs that will plunge you into a state of mental bliss and unencumbered focus while encompassing you with "feel good" tones and vibes that are applicable in all facets of everyday life. The instrumentals are superb, and the vocals are unequivocally superior to modern standards of hip-hop. Paleface is a true mad genius when he enters the booth. - by Nicholas Bennett


Most distinctive voice since Eminem!!! Paleface Picasso is one of the most unique rappers out there right now. He raps about real life and KEEPS IT REAL!!!! And his voice is one that you can't stop listening to. I think he sounds like DMX but has the lyric originality of Eminem! Just listen to I'm the Man and you will know what I'm talking about! He is THE MAN!!!!! - by Timothy Theriault



Incredible passion...... Amazing lyrics....every song on the cd rocks!! - by M.Robb


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